Project Description


Interior Design for a retail space

bakery, café, kitchen, music event space, kid’s hairdresser, sweet shop
2,000 sqf
Location: Peak Road 100, Hong Kong

The Saffon Bakery is a 1950s mid-century inspired multi-purpose space with a soda bar, bakery and kitchen facilities, a cafe, sweet shop, a music event space and a record shop for a music label.

The space has a urban but homely design with warm tones of red and walnut veneers, accentuated with stainless steel and crome finishes and some neon lights.

For this project, I did all design works, from space planning to all furniture design and fitting outs, as well as all the decor elements. In addition, all the project management was handeled from start to finish.

Contractor: Heng Wah HK Decoration Co. Ltd