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Book Publishing

Book, 80 pages, hardcover, in English language
ISBN 978-988-7635-2-5

Taken from the Preface by Yeung Yang:
At every extreme lies an impasse that silently waits for invalidation.

On the one hand, the fact is that in Hong Kong, where IPO – Emotional Economies takes place, the stock market is routinized as everyday life on a mass scale. On the other hand, Hong Kong is increasingly whitewashed of other markets, the streetwise and wet kind, in the name of urban development. No nostalgia here, only parallel facts.
Facts are invincible, however misleading. They put things into a stop, a full stop. Stories tell truths. They move things on. They stretch.

IPO – Emotional Economies is an affirmation of a need to submit smoothness to awkwardness, a need to approach the obscene and absurd, and a need to make art out of nothing. It confronts the inertia of thought without celebrating the insanity of art.

The act of inhabiting requires help, an architect once said. Here lies an offer.