Project Description


Commissioned Artworks
2 Sets Wall Sculptures for two Lift Lobbies,
each made from 13 pieces

Cast iron, gold coating
Dimensions variable,
approx. 2.8m x 1.2m x 0.2m

Like drops of dew the small sculptures pearl on the wall surface in formation. But looking at the detail of each individual sculpture the round outlines are smooth, yet it is revealed that they have some edges in their contours.

The sculpture modules, the globules, are first individually made in clay and then cast in iron with anodised gold coating. There are 5 individual shapes that are arranged in two different sets of 13 pieces each as unique installations for two lift lobbies.

Austin Towers, Lobbies of Tower 5 & 6,
Kowloon (HK)
Partners: Canvas Art Consultants