Project Description


Permanent Public Art Installation
Mobile Sculpture
Stainless Steel, Steel Wire, Hooks
6m x 12m x 25m

The mobile sculpture is made from over-dimensional leaves in stainless steel that are suspended from the atrium’s glass roof down into the heart of the shopping mall’s courtyard. The leaves’ sizes vary from 80 cm diameter to 150 cm diameter. All elements are made from stainless steel and are individually bent by hand.

The atrium space of the shopping mall connects the outside – a roof garden – with its commercial inside. The installation brings the nature into the interior space. It seems as if the wind has just blown in some leaves from the trees on the roof into the inner courtyard. The leaves are whirling in eddies of wind taken inside by a breeze.

The mirror-like material catches different lights and colours from its surrounding – reflecting a kaleidoscope of fragmented images and light into the space. Yet, create the leaves a serene cosmos of nature, inviting the audience to enjoy the nature scenario.

The artwork is inspired by a poem by Xu Zhimo, March 1925

Fallen Leaves’ Song
“Leaves are dancing in the courtyard, again and again”


New Town Plaza Atrium, Shatin,
Hong Kong (HK)