Project Description


Permanent Public Art Installation
Wall Relief, Light Sculpture
Stainless Steel, Steel Wire, Spotlights

The installation “Dandelion” brings an inspiring and uplifting nature scenario to the Olympian city – Dandelions’ puffy seeds are innocent vagabonds of the wind.

The dandelions come into full bloom with the graceful interplay of light, shadow and reflection. The reflective stainless steel flowers introduce a glimpse of an enlivening summer breeze to the site, stimulating the audience to let their minds wander as the seed buds do –Dandelions travel to wherever they are blown to, growing new roots to start life again.

Permanent public artwork at
Olympian City 3 Mall, Hong Kong
Escalators A and B

In collaboration with Sino Art in Hong Kong

蒲公英 | 泥人


光、影與倒影的互動讓蒲公英優雅地盛放 。