Project Description


Dog Accessory Design

Heidi Hund

Heidi Hund is a small and joyful dog living in a metropolis. She is a curious dog, that eagerly likes to explore her environment looking for new adventures. Heidi Hund is very friendly with everybody– she even likes cats – but she definitely knows what she wants and what she expects from life. Heidi Hund loves a natural lifestyle, but is at the same time very happy to live in an urban setting with all its modern facilities and possibilities. She is aware of her surroundings. With consciousness and clever ideas she tries to make the world a better place. Heidi Hund is a very unusual dog, she is a vegetarian, but like all dogs, if she is happy and excited – she wiggles her tail gleefully.

Heidi Hund is a character and a label. The products reflect on the life of Heidi Hund and her awareness for nature. It has a European background, but is aimed for the Asian market. The idea behind Heidi Hund is to create playful designs with an ecological consciousness. It has a sensible approach, sophisticated, but not over the top. The products combine traditional values with a contemporary face. Pure materials are utilised to design individual and useful products for the urban outfit not only for dog lovers. The designs have an appearance of simplicity yet are of high functionality and quality. Heidi Hund is customised and handmade – made with love in Deutschland!

Heidihund is available in Japan!
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