Project Description


Site-specific light installation, commission

Acrylic glass, spotlights

I was invited as one of the artists to design an art installation for one of the conference rooms of the new headquarter office of SCMP. The client wanted to dedicate each of their conference rooms to a city district that has a special meaning for the news paper. In Happy Valley used to be the previous headquarter. It is an old neighbourhood of Hong Kong that is coined by the large race course that is in its heart. The famous tram passes, yet it is still a place where a lot of people like to stroll in the neighbourhood’s streets.

The installation uses acrylic glass cut in silhouettes that represent the essential character of Happy Valley. The silhouettes are brought to life by the natural light that comes into the space or are vibrantly lighting up by the installed spotlights. When the lights are on, the silhouettes multiply by their subtle pink reflections or by the luminous shadows cast on the wall. Happy Valley comes into live in this space.

Collection of the South China Morning Post,
Times Square Office Tower, Causeway Bay (HK)

In collaboration with MobArt Gallery