Project Description


Retails Design
Brand multiple shop window displays
summer collection 2010 and
winter collection 2010

The brand is located in Saudi Arabia with 45 shops in different cities and malls all over the country. The clothes are manufactured in China and shipped. The concept for this window display is to have produced in elements sot that it fits in all different shops and to ship it along with the clothes.

The summer display is put on during the Ramadan season. Abstracted trees are made from spray-painted MDF that can be used in multiple ways. The trees are decorated with darker colour fabric flowers that are taken from the current collection. When Ramadan is over the flowers change to brighter and fresher colours.

To economise costs the displays for the winter season use the same trees again, this time without any flowers. Instead the windows’ floors are covered with over-dimensional snow balls in different cool colours and sizes.

Various locations in Saudi Arabia.