Project Description


Sweet treats & chocolates,
food for thought – sweets for inspiration

Chocolate has its roots in ancient Mexico as a prepared cocoa beans drink “food of the gods” or the “divine drink”. Nowadays, chocolate is a ‘foodstuff’ or a semi-luxury product, that almost everyone can enjoy and loves.

Its original purpose is removed from art, nevertheless it is an excellent medium indeed. It can be used for painting, sculpting and it appeals to several senses at the same time. For Zuckerwerk, I’m not using its sculptural qualities, but I focus on the flavours and how it can boost our cognitive abilities. I like to combine chocolate with ingredients that would normally be found in other dishes, to surprise our taste buds and senses, to trigger a food safari.

I’m an artist and not a chef, but I love food and especially baking, it is my secret therapy. I love adventure and my husband calls me a food bohemian. These skills, passion and love I craft into my sweet treats.

Zuckerwerk can be hired for catering. Please contact Laiyan Projects for more details.